Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rubber Bin Day

Rubber Bin Day

Swish! Swish! Swoosh! Jacob opened his eyes.  Something was making a noise in the attic.
 “Oh, no,” Jacob moaned as he pulled his fuzzy comforter over his head. “It’s rubber bin day.  Rubber Bin Day was his least favorite day of the year. It was worse than getting his report card. It was worse than getting a shot. It was worse than eating Aunt Mabel’s potato salad!

“Clump! Clump Clump! Down the attic stairs came the big rubber bin. He could almost see it coming down the hall to his room.

“Get up, Big Boy,” said Mommy as she tickled his big toe.

Jacob peeked over his covers at the bin. It looked just the way it had last spring. Big and green and rubbery with his name on it in bright red letters. But he was happy to see it then.

Every spring, as soon as school was out, Mommy brought the big rubber bin into his room. Together they opened it up. Out came his swim trunks. Out came his beach ball and sunglasses. Out came his summer shorts and sandals.  Out came his bag of fun things to do on vacation.  Together, they put all his summer stuff in his drawers.

But now it was filled with school clothes. Warm woolly sweaters, long sleeved polo shirts and jackets. And school pants.  Jacob hated the stiff khaki uniform pants.
“C’mon sour puss.  I promise if you help, there will be a surprise for you when we’re all finished.”  Mommy smiled and opened Jacob’s top dresser drawer.

 Jacob looked in the bin.  Where was the surprise?  He pulled out a bunch of school uniform polo shirts. They were all plain red and blue.  Then he pulled out his long sleeved t-shirt with his favorite team logo on it.  Maybe that was the surprise.

“Are you sure there’s a surprise in here?” he, asked.

“I’m sure,” Mommy laughed.

Out came his backpack and lunch box.  Yuck, he was sure that wasn’t the surprise unless there was a bologna sandwich left in his lunch box.

“Almost done,” said Mommy as she pulled out one last thing.

“Go ahead. Open it up.”

Jacob picked up the fat, rolled up, taped brown grocery bag. This couldn’t be the surprise.  He looked in the rubber bin once more.  It was empty.  Soon all his favorite summer things would be inside.  He felt ready to cry.

Jacob carefully pulled off the tape. Slowly he unrolled the bag.  Then he peeked inside.

 “Wow!” he yelled.  “This is so cool!”

Out came rubber monster masks. Out came face paint.  Out came a Spiderman costume. And his favorite skeleton costume with a rubber skeleton mask.
“You may pick one Halloween costume to play in today, because you were so helpful.”

“Thank you, Mommy!” Jacob hugged his Mommy and for the rest of the day he was the scariest

Spiderman ever.