Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rosa and the Rosary

by Patricia Moore

Rosa ran into the kitchen and threw her backpack on the kitchen table. “Has a letter come from Grandma,” Rosa asked her mom.

“No, her letter hasn’t come yet. Patience, honey. You only wrote to Grandma a week ago.”

“I miss Grandma! I hate this new school . Why did we have to move to Chicago? I loved living in Mexico with Grandma.”

 “Honey, you know we moved to Chicago so your father could work with your Uncle Juan.

 “But, Mom, I had good friends in Mexico. And Grandma was my best friend..”

“I’m sure Grandma misses you too. You’ll make new friends here.”

 “I hope so.”

Rosa wondered what Grandma was doing now. Was she talking to her friend Carmela? Was she shopping at the plaza? Was she watering her flowers?

Rosa saw the time on the kitchen clock. It was two o’clock.  At two o’clock, Grandma only did one thing ever day. Rosa knew Grandma would be praying her rosary.

“Mom, I’m going to my room.”

“O.K., dear.”

She found the rosary her Grandma had given her on her bed.

Rosa wondered if she could say her rosary without Grandma. She and Grandma always said it together. “God, help me to say my rosary.”

Rosa  made the sign of the cross. “I believe in God the Father Almighty...” 
She no longer was lonely. She knew in her heart that Grandma was praying the rosary with her.