Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jimmy Stills Found a Bug

by Maggie R Zapp

       Jimmy Stills found a bug.  It was a big bug with a black belly and shiny blue wings.  When he held it in his hands, it fluttered its wings.  They sounded hard, and tickled his palms and fingers.

        He peeped at the bug in the little house he had made of his hands. It was alive.

       Jimmy laughed.   It made him happy to think he was holding something alive in his hands.  It reminded him of God.  God holds us in His hands.  Jimmy could kill the bug, but he didn’t want to.   The bug was a pretty bug and it made him happy.  Did Jimmy make God happy?

     Jimmy’s Mama called him inside for supper.  He could not keep his bug in his hand-house.  He put the bug in a wooden box and brought it inside to show Mama.

       “Mama! I found a blue bug!” he said, and showed the bug to his Mama.  Her eyes grew big like they did when she was happy.

       “What a beautiful bug!” she said.  “They call those kinds of bugs beetles.”

       “It is a beautiful beetle,” Jimmy said.

       “That’s right, but it will die in the box.  Beetles are meant to live outside with the trees and grass.”

       But Jimmy was sad that he wouldn’t have the beetle anymore.   If he let the beetle go, he wouldn’t be able to look at it.

       “It won’t be safe outside.  What if a bird eats the beetle?” asked Jimmy.

       “Than that is what God wanted for it, Jimmy.  God wanted you to see the beautiful beetle, and then He wanted it to be food for a bird.  The bird needs food to live.  Perhaps God wants that bird to keep living so it can sing beautiful songs for us, songs that make us grateful to God for His creation.   Just like the way the beetle makes us grateful.”

       Jimmy looked at the beetle one more time.  It was a beautiful blue beetle.   And he was grateful to God for creating it.  He would like to keep the beetle, but Mama was right.  Beetles had to live where there were leaves, and sunlight, and beetle-food.   If he kept the beetle, it would die.  He took the beetle outside again.  The sun was bright.   The beetle buzzed its blue wings and flew away.   Jimmy said thank you to God for letting him see the beetle.

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